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COC says 30-40 Canadian athletes will march in opening ceremony due to safety protocols

Due to Olympic safety protocols, the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) says only 30-40 of the nation’s 370 athletes in Tokyo will participate in the march during Friday’s opening ceremony, leaving out the majority of Canada’s largest contingent since 1984.

“Due to the Olympic Village arrival rules outlined in the Tokyo 2020 Playbooks, athletes are only arriving in the Village five days before they compete. This means that there are less athletes in the Village and that most of them are on the verge of competing,” said Eric Myles, COC chief sport officer.

“The focus of Team Canada remains on safety, performance, and adhering to the letter and spirit of the Tokyo 2020 Playbooks.”

Concerns around the pandemic-delayed Olympics have grown, with at least 67 COVID-19 cases among those accredited for the Tokyo Games since July 1 when most athletes and officials began arriving.

WATCH | Bump in COVID-19 cases causing Olympic anxiety for some:

Inside the Olympic bubble, many athletes feel more excitement about their upcoming competitions than concern about COVID-19 cases, but the amount of cases popping up is only adding to anxiety within the Japanese population. 2:03

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