Howdy. Thanks for stopping by my site. My name’s Cam Larsen and this is Big League Underdog, a site dedicated to all things major league sports. Whether you’re an NFL, MLB, NHL, or NBA fan, I’m sure you’ll find something for yourself, or the sports lover in your life.

A bit about me…

Cam, Big League Underdog
Hi I’m Cam

I’m a big sports fan and played a bit of everything growing up, but my main passion was and is hockey. I probably played every day for 15 or 20 years and even managed to work up the ranks when I was a teenager and got the opportunity to play Junior A.

I’m retired now, but still manage to get out and hit the ice just for fun. The cool part is I can go out anytime I want since I run the rink. I bought a small practice rink and rent it out to hockey schools and for private ice rentals. I run the zamboni and do the office work and maintenance around the rink and I love being around the rink and see the kids improve their skills.

When I’m not at the rink, my wife Tammy and I pack up our two dogs, Meeka and Rudder, and head down to our small vacation cottage. We also like to go RVing and take the scenic drive every chance we get.

My goal for this site is to learn more about internet marketing and running a website so I can learn how to market my business even more. We get a lot of word of mouth referrals to rent the rink, but who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? In between running the zamboni I have a bit of down time to take a stab at this whole Internet world.

I also have more time than usual to figure out all this Internet stuff since we can’t get down to our cabin lately since the border is shut down. Tammy and I had previously been busy doing some upgrades but those are on hold thanks to COVID. I guess you could call this site my pandemic project.

Of course our cottage has a man cave with some of the sports memorabilia that’s listed on this site. I’ve got autographed pucks, jerseys and photos that I got nicely framed from a local woodworker.

Hopefully you’ll find something you fancy for your collection as well.

Thanks for reading.